Special Purpose Machines

Special Purpose Machines have been being manufactured at EBS Automation since 1993. A ‘Special Purpose Machine’ is as described, a machine specifcally manufactured for a client bespoke and to purpose. A great number of these machines are unique in their concept and manufacture but the experience of making each of these allows us a greater understanding of what we can do for each new client that comes to us. In fact for some clients we need to replicate our efforts making multiple pieces of special purpose machinery to aid theirefforts as they increase levels of production.

Below are examples of various bespoke projects.

A semi-automatic servo driven, Automotive radiator & charge air core assembly machine.

Twin station assembly, leak test and product identification of Automotive cooling products.
EBS Automation Ltd provides special purpose machinery and equipment for many market sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Automotive and Industrial.

Due to the nature of the requirement most projects start from a blank page, however some are from existing or established designs, these machines made from established plans are often required as a result of the original machine being so suited to its purpose that it allows the company that commissioned it to expand.

Our sales and application engineering staff will determine the initial customer user requirement specification (URS) before progressing to the functional design specification (FDS), after the required number of consultative meetings with our mechanical design engineers, electrical design engineers and control software engineers culminating in agreement with you our customer.

The FDS is the foundation on which the plan of the project progresses, having gone through a number of planning meetings, model simulation and reviews the project passes to our mechanical and electrical manufacturing teams to produce the machinery to the agreed design and specification.

Once complete the special purpose machinery and equipment undergoes an internal factory acceptance test (FAT) before being released for installation and commissioning.

High Precision Roller Bearing Assembly Machine