Re-Manufactured Machines

EBS Automation can save you the customer tens of thousands of pounds by refurbishing and refitting exsiting machines so that they can continue a useful life for your company.

EBS Automation Ltd offers a successful service of Refurbishment and Re-manufacture of old production machinery and automated systems.

This service can save you the customer from ten’s of thousands to hundred’s of thousands of pounds by taking machinery or automated systems that have come to the end of their useful production life and Re-Manufacturing them to perform the same function that they were originally designed for or Re-Manufacturing them to perform an alternative function for perhaps a new product type or variant.

We have taken 20 year old machines and Re-Manufactured them into “As New” machines with the potential life of another 20 years.

This process entails an engineering feasibility evaluation before establishing the route forward which may take any of the following options:

• Total strip down and re-manufacture.
• Partial strip down and re-manufacture.
• Re-Tool existing machine for new product type or variant.
• Re-engineer failed new or existing machinery.

The machines or automated systems that follow this process are brought into line with current standards, are fully CE compliant and carry a warranty.