Leak Testing Machines and Pressure Decay Testing

EBS Automation specialise in leak testing machines or pressure decay test machines as they are alternatively known.
Whilst we do not use an exclusive supplier of test instruments, EBS has had a 15 year association with ATEQ and through our close involvement with the company we have gained a complete understanding of their instruments and applications. This has culminated in us achieving ‘Business Partner’ status with ATEQ and these instruments are our first choice whenever a test instrument is not specified by the client.

Although we have full design and build capabilities at our plant in South Wales we also have a series of standard machine ‘shells’ that we build to order. Standard machines only require tooling design, manufacture and fitting to meet the individual requirements of the client and this has led to reduced prices and shorter lead times for delivery.

If you have quality issues regarding leaking parts and require a leak test machine then please call us today on 01554 779090 or visit our dedicated leak testing website www.leak-test.co.uk