ABB Robotics

ABB Robotics strengths presentation – EBS Automation is a Certified Partner of ABB Robotics

A Global Leader in power and automation technologies

Leading market positions in main businesses

 automation technologiesRobotics Control
  • 117,000 employees in about 100 countries
  • $32 billion in revenue (2009)
  • formed in 1988 merger of Swiss & Swedish engineering companies
  • Predecessors founded in 1883 and 1891
  • Publicly owned company with head office in Switzerland

How ABB is Organsied
Five Global Divisions

power products power products automation and motion low voltage products process automation
Power Products Power systems Discrete Automation and Motion Low voltage Products Process Automation
$11.2 billion $6.5 billion $5.4 billion $4.1 billion $7.8 billion

ABB’s portfolio covers:

  • Electricals, automation, controls and instrumentation for power generation and industrial processes.
  • Power transmission
  • Distribution solutions
  • Low-voltage products
  • Robots and robot systems

Robotics Division

robotics division 2010 orders $1.6 billion

5000 employers in order 49 countries

Manufacturing in 3 regions, Europe, Asia & America

Sales & Service operations in over 50 countries & more than 100 locations

Introductions painting robots in 1969 and the worlds first commercially available electric robot in 1974

Over 180,000 robots installed worldwide at end 2010

New Key Drivers of Global Economic Growth


global • Rise of emerging markets
• Demographics
• Information and Communication Technology
• The End of Oil
• New Capitalism
• The Green Economy

Demographic Trend Developed Countries


Demographic Trend Emerging Economies


Growing Environmental Concerns

Retailers leverage on
Global Warming and
Sustainable use of
resources to develop an
attractive brand image
time magazine the economist environment fortune

hand packing
Hand packing
robotics packing
Robotics Packing

Retailers Wish List


  • Satisfied consumers
  • Repeat sales
  • More efficient in-store operations
  • Manual Labour?!
  • Improve on-shelf availability
  • Improve consistency of product quality
  • Green Image
  • Flexible response
  • Cash is king