EBS Automation was commissioned to Refurbish and Re-tool a machine that had come to the end of its useful life and had been de-commissioned. Our client had a requirement to produce a new type of product that was similar to the one previously produced on this machine for Europe.
The machine was fully stripped down and cleaned before establishing the refurbishment programme.
New tooling had to be designed for the new product and old worn parts had to be re-manufactured from new drawings as original drawings did not exist.
The machine was totally re-painted before any build process was started which would effectively make this a new machine. The control system was manufactured from new as the existing components were old and would prove to be unreliable to be re-used.
Safety category risk assessments were carried out for the new process along with preparing a functional design specification that the project would be managed to meet.
The machine had to have new guarding designed including safety light curtains to meet current legislative requirements. Once refurbished the machine went through an extensive trial programme both with EBS Automation and with the client, ensuring that all requirements were satisfied.
After completion the machine was  shipped to it’s new European site complete with Operation manuals and technical documentation.
The process of refurbishment and re-tooling can be a very cost effective method to extend the useful life of an existing piece of equipment, however each case must be evaluated carefully to ensure that this is the case.
Sometimes depending on the requirement it is more cost effective to have a new machine.


About EBS Automation

EBS Automations roots were forged in the Automotive sector in 1993. We are delighted not only of our success to date, but also that many of our original customers are still with us today. We trust this bares testament to our long term partnership approach based on our commitment to provide special purpose machines and automation systems of excellent quality, efficiency and reliability. A professional project management system is used that leads to projects being delivered on time and within budget.

This success has led to projects in many other sectors. We are pleased to have served clients in the Aerospace, Medical and Healthcare industries; whilst also seeking out opportunities in Industrial, Military & Defence, Electronics, Food & Beverage.

EBS design and manufacture Special Purpose Machines and Automation Systems tailored to meet the exact specification and requirements of our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to take a blank sheet of paper and turn it into a manufacturing solution.