EBS Automation were commissioned by a major international filter manufacturer who supply filters to the Automotiveworld.
They had a requirement for a machine to glue and assemble end caps to either end of a paper filter and be able to produce a range of different component part numbers.
The machine had to fit in a allocated space and be integrated to an existing assembly line.
The assembled filters had to be automatically transported to an existing oven for curing.
This is a single machine with two independent operator stations with an in-feed conveyor unit which has a number of escapement mechanisms fitted to ensure that the right quantity of caps are fed to both operating stations. Each station has pneumatically operated pick and place units, fitted with vacuum cups to pick the end caps and place them into the tooling nest for a metered dose of adhesive to be applied to the caps, before being automatically placed in the filter paper assembly nest. Once the paper and top caps are fitted a pneumatic cylinder assembles the filter units before releasing them through the bed of the machine and automatically placing on a flexlink conveyor system for transportation to the curing oven.
glue and assembly machine
The machine consists of a steel box section framework with a mild steel base plate, aluminium top guarding fitted with light curtains giving protection from the pneumatically operated tooling, pick and place units, escapement mechanisms and component assembly press units with pressure monitoring.
glue and assembly machine
All the component tooling is quick change and identified adopting the SMED principles.
The machine has a touch screen operator display for manual control of each station, part number selection and machine diagnosis.


About EBS Automation

EBS Automations roots were forged in the Automotive sector in 1993. We are delighted not only of our success to date, but also that many of our original customers are still with us today. We trust this bares testament to our long term partnership approach based on our commitment to provide special purpose machines and automation systems of excellent quality, efficiency and reliability. A professional project management system is used that leads to projects being delivered on time and within budget.

This success has led to projects in many other sectors. We are pleased to have served clients in the Aerospace, Medical and Healthcare industries; whilst also seeking out opportunities in Industrial, Military & Defence, Electronics, Food & Beverage.

EBS design and manufacture Special Purpose Machines and Automation Systems tailored to meet the exact specification and requirements of our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to take a blank sheet of paper and turn it into a manufacturing solution.