Special Purpose Manufacturing machinery company EBS Automation Ltd has today announced the opening of a new Technical Applications, Sales, Service & Support office in the Innovation Centre at Longbridge Technology Park, Birmingham.

EBS Automation is heavily involved in the Design, Manufacture and Commissioning of Special Purpose Manufacturing Machinery and Tooling for Tier 1 Automotive companies throughout the UK and Europe.

Explaining the decision to open a new office in Longbridge Michael Evans, MD of EBS Automation Ltd said “Longbridge is the original home of automotive innovation in the UK and as a company at the forefront of advanced automotive manufacturing machinery and tooling we are extremely proud to be opening this office in what is still the heartland of a resurgent UK Automotive Manufacturing Sector”

The Longbridge site is an industrial complex situated in the Longbridge area of Birmingham. Opened in 1905, by the late 1960’s Longbridge employed around 25,000 workers. A wide variety of products have been produced at the site during its history, although the core product has been cars, most notably the original two-door Mini.