EBS Automation was commissioned by a major international fork lift truck manufacturer to provide a Chain Splitting and Anchor Assembly Machine, complete with changeover tooling for 7-off chain types.
The machine comprised of a fabricated box section base a substantial tooling bed that was fitted with side panels and painted to the specification of the client.
The front of the machine was fitted with 3-off control levers and 4-off pushbuttons.
The levers give manual operation for removing the link pin, inserting link pin and riveting. The buttons are for the drive control of the chain feed mechanism. Forward, Fast Forward, Reverse and Fast Reverse.
The rear of the machine would house the Hydraulic Power Unit and electrical control panel
The operation of the machine is a simple semi-automatic process. The operator feeds the correct length of chain that is to be split by using the drive control push buttons and the link counter unit.
chain splittng machine
The chain is clamped and the link pin is pressed out using hydraulic power; the discarded pin is dropped in to a reject bin within the machine.
When the chain has been split the front half of the chain is removed and the chain is indexed forward to the anchor assembly station. Here a chain anchor is manually aligned to the chain, a new link pin is fitted and hydraulically pressed into position before being indexed to the next dedicated riveting station. The ends of the link pin are hydraulically riveted to specific dimensions using specially developed hardened tooling.
chain splitting machine
There is a range of tooling change parts for the manufacture for 7-off different chain types.
All of the tooling follows the SMED principle and is stored on a specific tooling table that forms part of the machine cell.


About EBS Automation

EBS Automations roots were forged in the Automotive sector in 1993. We are delighted not only of our success to date, but also that many of our original customers are still with us today. We trust this bares testament to our long term partnership approach based on our commitment to provide special purpose machines and automation systems of excellent quality, efficiency and reliability. A professional project management system is used that leads to projects being delivered on time and within budget.

This success has led to projects in many other sectors. We are pleased to have served clients in the Aerospace, Medical and Healthcare industries; whilst also seeking out opportunities in Industrial, Military & Defence, Electronics, Food & Beverage.

EBS design and manufacture Special Purpose Machines and Automation Systems tailored to meet the exact specification and requirements of our customers. We pride ourselves on being able to take a blank sheet of paper and turn it into a manufacturing solution.