EBS Automation was commissioned to design and build an automated welding and assembly machine to plastic weld and assemble filter log units. The machine welds end caps to filter log units using Infrared heater technology. It then welds and assembles log to log units up to a maximum of four logs long before welding a range of end connector adaptors to the finished log to complete the product.
The machine processes are fully automatic and parameter controlled taking only two operators to run the machine, previously the same production output would have taken six or more operators.

The machine is based on five distinct stations each have a very specific task to undertake, the stations are fed with product by three high tolerance gantry pick and place units which operate in three axis X-Y-Z, each unit having a specifically designed gripper to pick four products at a time. The pick and place units are sequenced ensuring that products are available to each station as required
There are two weld stations with a mixture of gold plated and plain infrared heaters that index vertically to the weld position; each bank of heaters can be controlled by programming a specific time/temperature profile to suit the type of product in production.
EBS Automation carried out an extensive development program to establish the best heater parameters such as Time, Temperature, Distance to product and Product mask profile to ensure the very best plastic weld condition was established using the Infrared heater technology. This development time proved to be value for money as the product far exceeds the tensile test requirement of the weld.
This was a technically challenging project that was successfully completed due to the engineering skills and abilities of the staff of EBS Automation.